Monday, November 20, 2006

New Videos

I have posted new videos of my city Karachi on youtube , the night time one is made using Nokia E70's cam while the evening one is made using Canon Powershot 620

Karachi at Night Part 1 The video is a little blurry as I was driving at 50 kmph while holding my camera on the main highway still the highlights are that it shows the lights of the city and out uniquly decored public transport system

Karachi at Night Part 2 still blurry with a lot of noise , here i am holding my phone out the sun roof to get a better picture still a little fast , again the lights of the city is highlighted with hotels and car dealerships in view

Karachi in the Evening a very unique video , its not everyday ( except in Karachi ) do you see a donkey cart amidst the cars , a guy sitting on top of the truck yes on the top of the DRiver's cab , another guy sitting on sacks loaded on a truck , beautiful greenry and the change in scenery within 5 minutes of driving from a affulent neighbourhood where a 2000 sq yd piece of land will cost a 100 million rupee ( USD 1.6 million dollars ) plus the cost of building the house to a middle class neighbourhood where there are apartment buildings with shops underneath built on only 240 sq yds , Karachi is a city of opposites here you will find the filthy rich to plain filthy , very few people are poor in this city , every night almost evryone except the drug addicts sleep with a full or half full stomach and have a roof on their head , its a beautiful city and we Karachiets love it

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