Thursday, November 23, 2006

Easiest VOIP setup

Today I stumbled upon a program called TALKoNaut , an amazing program , it connects with GTalk and you can talk , yup talk no setup required only a gmail account and it can also send voice mail to other users gmail account all for free . I used it on my 256kbps wifi network and it worked without any flaw , the only glitch when the ended the call it showed me a charge of USD 0.12 but no one asked me for my credit card info or anyother thing , no charges could be made to my phone account . P.S when the connection is made you will get a phone call accept it to talk
comments awaited


CEBEP said...

link dead

Salming said...

from Q&A:

Q: Do voice calls go over GPRS too ?

A: No. At present, Talkonaut utilizes "callback" technique to make voice calls. This means, when it is necessary, our system (GTalk2VoIP gateway) calls back to your mobile phone, then calls to your recipient, after that it merges two voice calls in one.


I think this means that you pay for whatever it cost for them to call you up dude..

Anonymous said...

You can buy credit for Talkonaut at

for more details see