Monday, October 30, 2006

Updates on Programs

although I have sold out on E61 , still I have a E series a E70 so i think the software which runs on E 61 will also work on E70 and viceversa

The current programs I am running are
Nokia E 50 search program got it from E61Life , its good as I have around 500 sms and tons of docs on my E70

In Games I have Miami nights ( haden't played yet ) SIM awasome game , Skyforce and DArkest Fear

In Applications I have Photorite , Face Wrap , Splash Photo ( all courtesy of again all the software here are wares )

In communication I have Agile Messenger with 3 days left for Beta and also MSN messenger which I got from MSN China site its free for a while and give the look and feel of actual MSN

i am also using Morange for my emails , mobizines for free preview of magazines ( all british ) and Plusmo for RSS on tech and Dilbert cartoons

Divx player is working fine till now , someone asked me in comments about how to play FLV , well you cannot but there is a turnaround , now as Google Video and Youtube are one , I use this site can search for videos less than 4 min in length and download them either as Mp4 or AVI file , get the AVI file the Mp4 although seems like will work on Real but it will not and total waste of time , I got the AVI files and use them with my DIVX player , the file sizes are huge , the shakira spoof took around 18 mb

I also have Papyrus and Profimail but haven't used them yet

I have also downloaded around 5 more games and 3 more programs but will take time to installa and talk about them

I will post the photographs and screen shots later as its 12:49 am I am only blogging as I am so happy to get my blog back


James said...

Hi there,

I'm thinking about getting that Mobizines thing you mention...

May I ask - what do you think of it?

Does it cost much etc?



Farhan said...

Mobizines is free , no cost , the magazines are actually previews of articles , not complete magazines

James said...

Nice one - these are wicked.
Looks great on my N73.

Cheers for the recommendation dude!

PS - Have you tried the RSS Mobizine?
The feed from here comes out really well!