Saturday, September 23, 2006

Truphone Free VOIP calls through E 61

Many other blogs has written about mobile VOIP , here is the true mobile VOIP , TRUPHONE
I have it installed on my machine but yet not tried it cause i don't have anyone to call to through VOIP , so anyone who tried it , their comments are welcome



Anonymous said...

You can call anyone using Truphone, they don't need to be using VoIP. Just call their usual number. As a launch offer until the end of the year, USA users get free calls to USA and Canada and UK users get free calls to 2 billion landlines worldwide. All other Truphone calls are charged at typical low VoIP rates.

Anonymous said...

I've put Truphone on my E60. It was a bit tricky at first (but hey, it is a beta) but now it's on, I use it all the time - free calls to my friends in the US!

Anonymous said...

Waiting eagerly until they roll out support for more handsets ... my N80 would love to be making free calls!!