Saturday, September 23, 2006

My E 61 The details

Yup first I will estblish my credibility among my fellow E-61 tribes(wo)men , here I showing you my E61 in full flesh not the outer but what is inside

As you can see , I have connected by E61 via cable to my computer , WiFi is active ( although the signals are low where i sit ) and bluetooth is on conencted to my BH 800 headset

The Active Stanndby shows Message , Calender , Calculater , Web , Gallery , Park Wifi , and New Message ( haven't thought about changing much of it ) , It checks my emails but does not filter out spam , I have set it up to check 3 of my corporate emails but shows only my main mail account , calender works well and ofcourse the todo list shows me how lazy I am .

The theme in use is McGraphie ( love the black on silver look ) , it has a low footprint and does not slows my machine down like other heavy graphical themes . The soft keys are set as default by Nokia need my notes and contacts .

The other attachments I have on my E61 are a Kingston 2 gb minisd card ( USD 47 or PKR 2800 ), a BH 800 Nokia bluetooth ( USD 120 or PKR 7000 ) , a fake leather belt pouch ( USD 2.5 or PKR 150) and a screen protecter ( USD4 or PKR 250) in reserve to be used when i loose my standard screen protecter attached by Nokia , I tried the crystal cover but it didn't fit well on my E-61 , will try getting a silicon cover soon

Here the theme is different took the pic before changing the theme , but you can see I have handy Alarm installed helps me in waking up early in the morning to send my son to school ( the alarm is set to rooster ringtone reminds me like I am in a barn )

I have setup custom folders like Games and Apps to help me in finding my installations

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