Saturday, September 30, 2006

Make Shift Camera for E 61

Finally i figured out a way to get pix in my E 61 , I also happen to have a Canon Powershot A620 which takes SD cards , now I take the TrasnFlash ( mini SD ) out of my E 61 , put it in its adapter and flash away on my Camera then take the card out and put it back in my E 61 , I say its not the most "pocketable" solution but it works besides I get awsome quality pix ranging from 2mp to 7.1 mp with 3 X optical zoom .

The only problem I had is that I lost all my SMS stored on my SD card , i don't know why , I also have double instances of World Mate , Acrobat showing both in my Apps ( where I moved it ) and in my Installations folders have to check it out

Awaiting your comments


Daniel said...

My camera produce about 3.5Mb images and I do wonder; what is the loading times for that on your E61?

Anonymous said...

The best way to get image from a digical camera without mucking around with memory cards is via BT. So far, only 1 digicam has BT function, the Kodak V610.