Monday, September 25, 2006

e Books on E 61

I admit i am a convert , i had been a loyal Windows Mobile user (I-mate Pocket Pc Phone ) for the past 3 years but conversion to E 61 was easy , however one thing which I missed the most was my ebooks , I love reading and cannot handle the paper books , they get thrown away , are bulky , can't read them in bed when wifey and kids are sleeping i.e cannot turn on the light , in those times my iMate was the best but with E 61 i lost all my books ( 500 plus in lit format ranging from Fiction to Autobiographies ) till today when I found a cool little utlity called CLIT ( Convert LIT ) which converts LIT files into html and then i use mobipocket Creater to convert the html file into Mobi which i can read on my E 61 , total time to convert one book is 30 sec , so read away , i just converted 2 of my books one by Ken Follett and one by James Patterson in 1 min , will convert more tomorrow

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